School of Ministry

Your Solid Foundation

The Faith School of Ministry is designed to provide exposure, experience, and education necessary to build a foundation for your calling. We are offering a school of ministry for people who are interested in growing their faith and their knowledge of the bible.

Applications are available at the front office though out the week or in the Next Steps area on Sundays.

School of Ministry Classes

Fall Semester applications available:

July 1 - July 16


FOR FALL 2018 / SPRING 2019 --

This is a new 2-semester program.

Fall Semester Dates: September 4 - December 23

Spring Semester Dates: January 8 - May 1

Sundays: 7:30am - 1p

Tuesdays: 8a - 4p

Wednesdays: 8a - 4p

Thursdays: 8a - 4p

Night School

This is a new 6-week program we will begin offering in the month of August.

Classes will be held weekly, Thursday nights, 6-9PM.

Fall Semester Night School Applications Available:

August 19 - September 2

Fall Semester Dates:

Tuesday, September 11 at 6p

Thursdays at 6p: September 30 - October 18

Spring Semester Dates: January 8 - May 1